Our Certified Professional Guardians provide full or limited legal guardianship for those who are no longer able to care for themselves.  In guardianships, we manage the personal, financial or other details of one’s life with court supervision and direction.

Power of Attorney
As your representative, we act on your behalf through a legal document know as a Durable Power of Attorney.  This type of document must be created while you are competent and will remain in effect should you become incapacitated or can no longer manage your affairs.  This document can be modified at any time provided you are competent and ceases to exist upon your death.

Estate Representation
We are often appointed as the administrator or executor of an estate.  Initially, we will meet with you to review your wishes.  As your estate representative, we will assure your final arrangements are carried out according to your will.

Trust Administration
We manage small, large and Special Needs trusts.  Our staff works closely with financial advisors, attorneys and trust beneficiaries.

Case Management
We coordinate the details of an individuals' daily life and estate to include health management, insurance, long term care, and the sale of property, homes, and automobiles. Final arrangements can be made with our assistance.  We also work with families to assist their loved ones when they are unable.

We will balance your check books, handle your banking and assist you in writing your monthly bills.  We offer this service on an ongoing or temporary basis.


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